Federation of Indian Industry forms US chapter, names committee members


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The US Chapter of the Federation of Indian Industry (FII) was formally constituted on Tuesday, January 12. In a virtual meeting, the members reaffirmed their commitment to promoting a strengthened relationship between Indian and US industries. 

FII’s Director-General Deepak Jain, who chaired the session, said the relations of both countries can be strengthened for the development of the industry. He urged the new committee to set its plans for the United States on those lines.

Mr Jain nominated Rachna Nath, Coordinator of the US Chapter, as Secretary of the US Chapter. Ms Nath, who will conduct and carry forward FII activities in the United States, provided an introduction to FII to the members, and shared her vision to build the US Chapter as a backbone in US-India relationship. 

She introduced the following members: Dr Arvind Phukan and Sameer Jain as Vice Presidents; Babu Raman K as Joint Secretary; Nupur Jain as Treasurer; Sunil Hali as Advisor and an oversight for Communication; Rajan Gangahar as an Advisor and an oversight for logistics; Mark Bardoloi, Radhika Siva, Ramya Ranganathan and Akshay Jain as Executive Members. 

Hitender Mehta, Chairman of the International Affairs of the FII, briefed members on the upcoming plans to build a strong corridor with North East and various chapters of FII in India and across the world, synchronized with which the newly elected cadres of the US Chapter would work. Members were explained about their role in the new FII chapter. 

The main functions of FII’s US Chapter will be to build relationships with leading US and international institutions, including the United Nations, Chambers of Commerce, and help US and Indian industries connect and associate. 

Ms Nath proposed a vote of thanks. FII Vice President Dr Shailendra Vyas conducted the meeting. 

FII, which is a Gurugram, India-headquartered not-for-profit organization, is an advisory interface between governments and industries. An endeavor of industrialist and philanthropist Deepak Jain, FII was created with an objective to provide a structured and comprehensive advice and information to Indian entrepreneurs, foreign investors and governments on business environment, prevalent laws, operational intricacies, and implementable solutions. FII offers a platform for networking and relationship building within and across the industrial sectors, policy makers, and the international business fraternity.

FII is an active and established associate of a number of consultative boards and committees groups designed by the Government of India and Indian state governments.

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