Yoga of Immortals

A boon from the Himalayas: Towards multi-disciplinary healing

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In a world stricken by an unprecedented pandemic, the emergence of a unique Himalayan protocol–Yoga of Immortals, mindfulness and the like has proven to be the great healer across specialties and specializations. The rich to the disadvantaged, the blood pressure patients to the diabetics, the able bodied to the differently-abled, fair skinned to their darker counterparts, men to women, Asians to Europeans, Africans to Americans, students to the working class, sportsmen to peacekeepers, soldiers to the utterly pious, all have converged on the common, powerful pulpit of self-awakening that is Yoga of Immortals. Such a conflation of disparate strata of society is a testament to the efficacy and potency of the practice of meditation originated, honed, simplified and pioneered by the Himalayan Yogis of India.

Young Visionary Ishan Shivanand is the founder & master trainer of the ultimate Yoga of Immortals umbrella of courses, being taught and learnt across the globe for the last three decades in its current form and in existence since times immemorial. This yogic science, which employs an array of vigorous and soothing pranayama, consciousness, mindfulness and energy channelization techniques pre-dates all yoga forms and is also widely known as the genesis of the contemporary yoga revolution.
After the rapid spurt in the popularity of meditation worldwide in the last few months owing to the spiked mental health disease incidence, today, meditation has become a touchstone of a good routine and no surprise to witness a vast multitude of masses and classes – celebrities to vanilla civilians, all embracing Yoga of Immortals meditation for the sundry benefits it confers, ranging from peace of mind to clarity of thought, emotional release to mental de-stress, psychic detox to self-healing.

Yoga of Immortals meditation has something for everyone – for those looking to reduce anxiety to those with urinary incontinence and has emerged as a great unifier, a leveler, transcending the geographical and human demographical barriers.

For the home stuck humankind shackled by Coronavirus, Ishan Shivanand’s innovative app encompassing Yoga of Immortals (YOI) curriculum became a god-send opportunity. Its users and practitioners became part of the medical research by a team of doctors from Rutgers, Mayo Clinic et al, reported remarkable improvements in anxiety levels, mental peace, inner equilibrium and optimal health even as they were rendered immobile in their homes.

YOI has not only helped further the vision of integrative health for all but also in decreasing behavioral health issues. YOI has clinically proven to improve wellness outcomes, personal sleep patterns, productivity, absenteeism incorporates practicing it, besides upping their financial productivity as evidenced by clinical presentation of over 10000 people — with a randomized sample size of 1,000 with very positive results.

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